Evaluate the effectiveness of EASY Temp devices for detecting body temperature and tolerability in elderly guests of nursing homes (RSA), in addition, connectivity and data transmission were also evaluated for the entire duration of the test.


The study period runs from February 2021 to June 2021.



The study highlighted a statistically significant difference between the body temperature determined with a traditional thermometer and that determined with the ET-NFC-G1 and ET-BLE-BE-G1 devices: the difference detected on punctual values ​​is approximately -0.2 a load of the EASY Temp devices, such as to be considered insignificant.
Compared with real-time applications, data accumulation and comprehensive analysis of body temperature measurements over a long-term period will help find more valuable information for diagnosing infections.



Of main interest is the possibility of preventively identifying changes in temperature that precede the onset of complications related to pulmonary and urinary infections, infections that mostly afflict the elderly population.