ROME. From a Lazio startup a hi-tech patch that monitors body temperature and which “could also be of support for patients with Covid-19”. The creation of the device was financed through a campaign on the Lifeseeder equity crowdfunding platform, which ended at 180,000 euros, double the initial goal of 90,000 euros. The new tool is called «EasyTem», and was developed by AEBiosystem. It is applied “with hygienic and replaceable plasters in non-invasive areas of the body”. This allows, the developers explain, to have a rapid (0.3 second) and precise body temperature detection. The monitoring system is able to check the temperature at intervals chosen by the operator (every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes, and so on) and transmit the data to a mobile app. The increase in body temperature is the first parameter that indicates that the body is preparing to fight infections by producing antibodies, doctors from all over the world draw conclusions and make their first hypotheses about the disease based on reading this value.

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