New Technologies: the sensor that measures vital parameters

Massimiliano Ossini, presenter of the well-known program Unomattina, a fixed appointment on Rai 1, on the date
of 26 October 2022 interviewed Gianluca Testa, Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases
of the University of Molise, who showed the public in the studio, and at home, Easy Temp, a plaster for
temperature vital sign monitor designed and created by Advanced Electronic Biosystem.

“How much can technology help us?” Ossini asked.
“Technology can help us a lot especially if it is necessary to keep situations under control
they may have medical relevance” is Prof. Testa’s answer.

In the study, the patch was placed on a participant’s shoulder. It has been shown how the patch can
be connected with a tablet or server in case it is necessary, for example, to monitor a
parameter, such as the temperature in the case of Easy Temp, for long periods, even remotely, through the
network that allows data transfer.
We have the ability to Monitor in Telemedicine.
Giovanni Scapagnini, Full Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University was also present in the studio
of the Studies of Molise.

“In a generic logic of monitoring, the new sensors give us an idea of ​​how to intercept the
transition from a state of health to a potential state of ease to get sick and this in my opinion is
one of the most relevant issues of the future of telemedicine, not dealing only with the specific problem of
a patient but also to be available to the general public in a logic of intercepting before that
things happen”.

This is his thought but it is also ours, the guiding spirit of Advanced Electronic Biosystem: the prevention must start from our home.
Check up where? At home!