Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative start-ups with a high intensity of knowledge application and research spin-off initiatives in fields in line with smart specialization strategies.

It is a project that involves companies with high growth potential, especially young people operating in technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive sectors that account for about 2/3 of European employment growth, especially among young people and high-profile ones. In Italy this growth is lower than the European average also due to the existence of weak links between innovators and SMEs and due to the weak development of venture capital.

The Lazio Region therefore aims to promote the creation of innovative startups with high growth potential, in particular those that intend to exploit the results of scientific research and the skills acquired therein, supporting an activity plan lasting no more than one year, that allows them to find the necessary finance to consolidate the business idea.

Advanced Electronic Biosystem was one of the innovative StartUps selected and deemed suitable for the project.