AEBiosystem and Great Product Ventures announce a joint venture aimed at the distribution of Medical Devices, which constantly and remotely monitor vital parameters, in the US and North American markets.

“AEBiosystem, leader in the field of wearable medical devices, helps people to better monitor their health and to provide data-analytics to doctors and healthcare professionals, favoring a predictive diagnosis and greater success in therapeutic resolution.”

Jonathan Ramaci, CEO, Great Product Ventures

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA, October 26, 2022 / / — Advanced Electronic Biosystem, an Italian company that develops Certified Medical Devices, today announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Great Product Ventures, a European enterprise development company for successful funding and commercialization in the United States, to provide home and hospital patient monitoring solutions. The Joint Venture allows AEBiosystem to push its products into the largest healthcare market in the world.

North America benefits from the provision of advanced technologies that enable faster, simpler and more effective disease control and diagnosis.

Great Product adds another highly successful and innovative company to its portfolio!

Great Product is a US venture capital development firm with a unique business model to build, finance and grow European companies in North America. Great Product’s founder has been working with innovative startups in Europe for the last fifteen years and the company was born out of an appreciation for European innovation and the need to combine that innovation with capital and big business markets.

Through its many affiliations and associations, Great Product offers companies immediate access to a large network of qualified investors, venture capital firms and Fortune 1000 companies. The Great Product team is made up of accomplished entrepreneurs and experts in the areas intellectual property criticism, finance, US government regulation, business development, sales and marketing.

Advanced Electronic Biosystem Srl based in Rome, combines biomedical microelectronics and data-analytics to provide consumers and healthcare systems with simple and cost-effective solutions for continuous and remote monitoring of vital parameters aimed at personalized and predictive medicine. Their first product line is Easy Temp, a high-tech patch that constantly and remotely monitors body temperature, making life easier for healthcare professionals when used in a hospital setting, or making life easier for healthcare professionals when used at home.

The small and flexible Medical Device is packed with technology, which communicates with an App. Easy Temp’s continuous monitoring allows for the detection of fever curves, trends and metrics, providing much more information than individual readings. Easy Temp is managed by an integrated system that allows you to save and view the data collected at any place and time using a Smartphone.

The Joint Venture is also developing EasyQ, a new multi-parameter patch capable of monitoring eight different medical-grade vital signs, including bioimpedance and biopotential.

“Our vision is to provide doctors and patients with useful information to personalize care, anytime, anywhere,” said Paolo Marini, CEO and founder of AEBiosystem. “Through our Joint Venture with Great Product, we will support continuous and remote care in the US market, both in the home and within healthcare settings.”

“EasyTemp has the potential to revolutionize point-of-care temperature management, with major benefits for caregivers, healthcare professionals and patients,” said Jon Ramaci, CEO of Great Product Ventures. He added, “AEBiosystem US, will become a leading player in wearable medical devices.”

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